Botanical Liaisons' mission is to establish a successful value-based business supporting biological and cultural diversity by effectively adapting traditional intellectual property into socially sound projects which are mutually beneficial to native communities and creative entrepreneurs in the natural products marketplace. Each project must have positive social environmental and economic attributes.

Botanical Liaisons is dedicated to embrace the human world community by engaging in projects that offer innovative pathways to economic and environmental development of a successful value-based botanical business.

The botanical projects initiated by Botanical Liaisons must support the continued conservation of biological diversity while honoring the self-determination of the local human communities.

Botanical Liaisons is committed to share its profits with those who offer their intellectual property and sound land-use management. These profits must be distributed in a method that allows native people to sustain their cultures through equal access to prosperous opportunities of their choosing (e.g. healthcare, education, housing, safe environment, and financial security)

Botanical Liaisons will offer a strong link to bridge traditional knowledge to that of our current market economics to establish long-term harmonious relationships.

Trish Flaster, Executive Director of Botanical Liaisons, LLC, is a professionally trained ethnobotanist who has worked in the natural products industry since 1973. She has been a pioneer in implementing botanical standards and integrating cultural knowledge into Dietary Supplements and Pharmaceutical research.

Botanical Liaisons provides research, on all continents, product development from field to consumer, botanical references for researchers, government agencies, and manufacturers.

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